Woman sold fake travel packages and used the money to vacation in Europe

A travel company that helped people plan their great getaways to places around the world has finally escaped – with their money. 58-year-old con artist Julie Ann Mincey ran an “agency” in North Carolina called Country Travel and Tours, from where she took thousands of dollars from dozens of would-be travelers. She then used the money to kindly treat herself to – among other things – a trip to europe.

Of Yahoo!:

Officials say Mincey operated a travel agency and accepted thousands of dollars from clients after promising to secure worldwide travel packages on their behalf. However, as clients’ departure dates approached in September 2018, they learned that there were no travel packages. The woman was unable to provide an explanation to the customers.

Investigators say Mincey’s business accounts show that between August 2017 and September 2018, she used client funds to make payments on personal credit cards, on a vehicle for an associate and to fund her personal bank account. .

Mincey has never refunded her clients, and many clients testified that they had not seen or heard from her since September 2018, the statement said.

The ex-false travel agent faces up to five years in prison and was “ordered to pay $53,402.58 in compensation”.

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