Warning to all holidaymakers after cheap flights double in price due to baggage fees

Holidaymakers have been given a stern warning about exorbitant baggage fees. It comes after it was revealed that booking a cheap flight had doubled in price after adding checked baggage.

The additional charges are displayed as an “opt-in” additional charge during the slicing process. However, with some airlines, carry-on baggage policies are restrictive.

We recently covered hand baggage rules for TUI, EasyJet, British Airways, RyanAir and Jet. You can read them here.

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The Sunday Mirror found a £50.15 round trip from Luton to Croatia in October, with EasyJet, which jumped from £59.48 to £109.63 when hold baggage was booked.

So which consumer group Which? found a £30 round trip from London to Mallorca with Ryanair which rose to £79.

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Passengers can also be charged an additional £70 per journey if their hand luggage exceeds the airline’s size limit. But which one? says it’s so “tiny” you can only bring one change of clothes.

Ryanair allows cabin baggage measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm, which is the size of a laptop bag. EasyJet allows bags of 45 x 36 x 20cm, but anything larger incurs a charge of £5.99 upwards.

Who? said: “For many, luggage is essential, and it’s time Ryanair treated it as such.”

Ryanair said its baggage policy was “transparent”. EasyJet said the fact that checked baggage can cost more than flights shows how cheap flights are.

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