UPS aircraft mechanics ratify new contract

The contract covers UPS Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Aircraft Maintenance Inspectors, Aircraft Maintenance Service Workers, Aircraft Maintenance Controllers, Senior Service Technicians, Flight Simulator Technicians and aircraft maintenance technical publications personnel. Hundreds of people work at the company’s airline hub in Louisville and about 40 work in Atlanta.

Teamsters General Chairman Sean O’Brien has taken a militant approach to upcoming negotiations for a much larger contract representing about 350,000 UPS drivers, package handlers and other workers, threatening the possibility of a strike even though the talks are not expected to begin until next year.

But O’Brien, in a written statement Tuesday, called the aircraft mechanics’ contract “a perfect example of how the Teamsters delivers strong contracts to our members.”

Teamsters Local 2727 began negotiations early for the aircraft mechanics’ contract extension and reached an agreement after about eight months of negotiations with the company, according to Boyle. The current contract runs until November 1, 2023 and the extension will extend it until November 1, 2026 with the increase in remuneration.

The UPS pilots’ union also ratified a contract extension earlier this year.

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