Travel insiders’ cheap flight advice, including the best days to book deals

Cheap flight booking tips from travel insiders, including the best time to book if you’re looking to take advantage of the cheapest deals for 2021 and 2022 – and how to save money on accommodation, too.

Expedia insiders shared their tips on booking flights for the best deals

When it comes to booking flights and vacations, there have always been some simple tips to help you save money on your trip.

However, the pandemic has completely changed the world of travel, and as travel restrictions loosen and Britons’ vacation options increase, trying to find the best deals can be a difficult landscape to navigate.

Fortunately, the team of Expedia are available to help you. In fact, the company has researched and found some helpful tips including the best time to book, the cheapest days to fly, and plenty of other tips to help you get more for your money.

For example, if you are looking to treat yourself or splurge on something special, maybe now is the time to go with the premium economy instead of the economy.

According to Expedia, Premium Economy tickets are available at some of the cheapest prices compared to recent years. For example, in 2021, premium tickets are 250% more expensive than economy – but that’s down from a 380% difference before the pandemic.

Check out some of their other helpful tips below …

There are different rules if you have booked your flight and hotel separately


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Cheapest period to book flights abroad: Book a Sunday and you can grab some of the best deals. In fact, booking flights on a Sunday versus a Friday could save you 15%.

Cheapest day to travel: If you can be flexible with your departure date, you may want to consider starting your vacation on a Friday. Expedia’s research found it could save you up to 10% on fares, compared to a Wednesday departure.

Best months to travel: September is the ideal month for cheap flights abroad, probably because it falls between the summer holidays and October. However, it is not just about school holidays. Travelers can save almost 40% on flights when they book travel in September compared to December.

Try and book your trip in one go: On average, Brits who book their flight and hotel together can save up to 10% on Expedia.

More travel tips

  • If you can be flexible with your hotel bill, it could save you money without having to compromise on luxury. For example, going from a 5 * hotel to a 4 * hotel might save you 50% on the price, but you will still have a great experience.
  • Rent a car ? Book a Saturday for some of the cheapest deals.
  • Loyalty programs can be a useful tool as you can earn points and receive other perks that might help stretch your budget a bit more. For example if you register on Expedia, you can access member-only discounts and earn points to spend on perks like room upgrades or spa credits.

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