Travel Deal Tuesday really is the best time to book cheap flights?

There is certainly no shortage of deals on National Cheap Flight Day, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or even Travel Deal Tuesday. However, savvy travelers don’t have to worry about missing a 24-hour window when it comes to scoring cheap flights.

According to Cheap flights from Scott Founder Scott Keyes, the best deals are often found in unannounced sales when customers least expect them. For example, SCF, an email subscription service that sends the best cheap flight deals to its over 2 million members, recently sent out offers for nonstop flights to Hawaii for as little as $ 158 one way. -return and Costa Rica for as low as $ 176 roundtrip.


In fashion now

While travelers will typically find the best prices on Tuesday and Wednesday flights departing in January and February, Keyes points out that there’s no better time to book cheap flights. Despite the pandemic, air fares remain unpredictable and highly volatile. But that does mean travelers don’t have to worry about missing out as they can score deals all year round.

That’s not to say that there aren’t great deals to be had on this Travel Deal Tuesday. For example, JetBlue offers $ 100 off most round-trip flights and Spirit Airlines even offers fares starting at $ 20.22 one way. Yet these offers can often come with advance purchase requirements, hampering blackout dates and other hurdles.

For travelers looking for a chance to save all year round, SCF is currently offering 51% off Premium memberships and $ 25 off Elite memberships through Tuesday.

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