The Mexican army intercepted a plane with more than 300 kilos of cocaine in Durango –

Members of the Department of National Defense ( Sedena ) and the Aviation enter a plane in which more than 300 kilograms of cocaine were carried, along with a long weapon. The seizure was reported in a statement on November 13.

Infobae from the heart of Atoyac, the only municipality that produces Mexican cocaine

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The aerial vehicle was detected by Sedena’s integral aerial surveillance system and originated in South America. For follow the suspect vehicle, the air force deployed three aircraft .

The plane landed 14 kilometers from tamazula , Durango . Three Air Force helicopters arrived at this location, carrying army elements; however, the men in uniform were greeted by gunshots .

Following the army's actions, drugs and a weapon were seized (Picture: Sedena)Following the army’s actions, drugs and a weapon were seized (Picture: Sedena)

Members of the security institution repelled the attack and one of abusers has been injured . First aid was provided to him in response to these events.

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The subject would have been arrested by elements of the Sedena, according to the first information that circulated on social networks

After these actions, uniformed officers marked a security perimeter and searched the vehicle . Inside, 30 parcels with a total weight of more than 300 kilograms of possible cocaine and a weapon have been found .

The man who was injured was taken to the Civil Hospital of Culiacán, Sinaloa, as a detainee, while the material found was made available to the corresponding authorities who will carry out the relevant investigations.

MEX5544.  ATOYAC DE ÀLVAREZ (MEXICO), 02/23/2021.- General view of a member of the army during the operation to destroy a camp and a clandestine laboratory with four hectares of coca plants, today in the municipality of Atoyac de ÁLVAREZ, in the mountains of the state of Guerrero (Mexico).  EFE/David Guzman

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Another plane carrying illegal substances was intercepted in Baja California, on this occasion the soldiers seized 379 kg of methamphetamine 59,781 kg of fentanyl powder 48,414 kilograms fentanyl pills 23,509 kg of powdered cocaine 2,141 kg of opium gum and 23 kg of another unknown substance.

Two people got off the plane and were arrested by members of the military (Photo: Sedena)Two people got off the plane and were arrested by members of the military (Photo: Sedena)

The seizure of the drugs arose from the fact that members of the the military received reports of an airway transfer after which ground units were deployed to track down suspected organized crime members.

Two people descended from the unit to which an inspection was applied in which illegal substances were found . The actions were carried out on November 5, but they were communicated until Tuesday 8 of the same month. The actions took place in the ejido Villa de Jesús María in the municipality of San Quintín.

On this occasion, the authorities did not indicate whether the detainees were from Baja California or whether they belonged to a group linked to organized crime.

Similarly, on October 10, members of the Sedena carried out an aerial operation which led to the seizure of packages of cocaine when they intercepted a plane.

The insured plane landed 14 kilometers southwest of Tres Picos (Photo: Sedena)The insured plane landed 14 kilometers southwest of Tres Picos (Photo: Sedena)

On this occasion, the air unit came from South America and landed in Chiapas. The events occurred when the integral aerial surveillance system detected an unidentified aircraft .

Therefore , the authorities deployed three UH-60 helicopters and another a pair of T-6C aircraft. The suspected unit landed 14 kilometers southwest of Tres Picos, in the municipality of Tonalá.

Instead there was a group of people ready to receive the drug shipment; however, when they noticed the presence of the military authorities, they decided to abandon the cargo and the plane in order to flee to avoid arrest .

As a result, Army and Air Force agents conducted an inspection of the aircraft in question, during which they detected several packages containing the intercepted drugs inside. In total 340 kilograms of cocaine were seized .


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