The first batch of Typhoon aircraft will be delivered to Qatar in August

Britain’s chief defense adviser for the Middle East and North Africa and senior Royal Air Force officer Air Marshal Martin Elliot Sampson have revealed that the first batch of Typhoon aircraft will be delivered to Qatar from August.

In an exclusive interview with the Qatar News Agency (QNA) from London, he pointed out that Qatar’s ambitions converge with British ambitions to build balanced forces that vary between land, sea and air forces, pointing out that the diversity will contribute to the security of the region as a whole. .
Air Marshal Sampson added that the heads of forces in Qatar and Britain understand the training and equipment needs.
He explained aspects of cooperation between the two countries in the field of naval support, including agreements requiring cooperation in shipbuilding programs to enhance naval capabilities, as well as cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and space security between the institutions of the army. in both countries.
The British military official pointed out that the visit of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to the United Kingdom will take the relations between the two countries to another level and make the future of cooperation between the two countries brighter. prosperous.
Air Marshal Sampson added that Qatar is training new generations of pilots.
The 11th Typhoon Squadron is a means of transferring expertise to our closest friends and training their future pilots, he said, adding that they are honored to welcome nine Hawk aircraft from Qatar Amiri Air. Strength, which is a long-term commitment that spans six years and expands the training process.
The first regiment of pilots is already using the plane, and the second regiment is also on its way to it, he noted.
Air Marshal Sampson explained that the memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries is not only dedicated to training, as the two countries have common visions for security in the region.
Different pilot regiments will continue to train generation after generation for 35 years on Typhoon aircraft with special capabilities such as aerial refueling, which will help the Qatari Air Force Amiri to reach a higher level in the field. combat capability, he added.
Regarding the characteristics of the Typhoon aircraft, he explained that they are very particular, because when you look at the four countries that make up the alliance to manufacture fighters – the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain – you have the experience and knowledge of all. these countries and their industrial bases united in a single fighter, in addition to the presence of many countries other than these four countries using this fighter aircraft.
As a former pilot who flew this fighter, Air Marshal Sampson confirmed its capabilities.
He indicated that the capabilities of this aircraft can be adapted to meet the needs of the Qatar Amiri Air Force.
Air Marshal Sampson added that the Typhoon has proven itself in war and peace, helping to defend the skies of the UK and the skies of friendly nations.
He pointed out that the typhoon is still continuing its tasks of tracking down and targeting Islamic State remnants in the area.
He said that the Qatari armed forces have achieved considerable development over the years, adding that the development is not only at the level of military equipment, but also in training and education, and in command and control. control, as well as in all aspects related to defence.
Air Marshal Sampson noted that some countries only want to buy British tanks, planes and ships, but partnering with friends takes it to other levels in the long run, and Qatari forces are still thinking about the long term.

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