The 16 best destinations for cheap flights in 2020

Cheap flights are the secret sauce of travel. Whether it’s a luxury destination or a backpacker’s paradise, finding a cheaper plane ticket means you can spend more on the road.

And luckily for 2020, there are a host of exotic destinations that should have cheaper than average airfares. From Fiji to Cape Verde to Brazil, these hotspots have something for every type of traveler.

Scott’s Cheap Flights has calculated the numbers and came up with the following recommended cheap destinations for 2020, using data from 2019, historical price trends and airline route information.

For some destinations, flight experts have determined the cheapest domestic airport for departure, so find a local flight to that hub, then fly from there. In other cases, they focus more on routes and airlines. Note: Destinations are listed in no particular order.

Obviously, this all depends on when you book as well as when and where you’re traveling, so use this list as a starting point for your travels in 2020.

Destination: Hawaii

Where to find cheap plane tickets: As Southwest continues to expand its routes to Hawaii, fare competition continues to increase to this tropical island in 2020. Traditionally, there are more offers from the West Coast.

Destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to find cheap plane tickets: Scott’s Cheap Flights sees great prices from Miami, with airlines like American, LATAM, GOL and Aerolineas Argentinas.

Destination: Japan

Where to find cheap plane tickets: Thanks to 13 new routes between the United States and Japan, there are more cheap flights to this Asian island chain than ever before. Experts also expect more flights to be added ahead of the Olympics.

Destination: Nairobi, Kenya

Where to find cheap plane tickets: The East African country is seeing an increase in transactions thanks to Kenya Airways joining the Air France/KLM partnership in 2018, which has led to more connecting flights from hubs in Paris and Amsterdam .

Destination: Casablanca, Morocco

Where to find cheap plane tickets: Thanks to an increase in flights to Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc, there are cheaper than usual flights to this North African city from New York, Washington, DC, Miami and Boston.

Destination: Alaska

Where to find cheap plane tickets: As Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines battle for dominance in Seattle, travel hackers are seeing tons of great deals on flights from Delta’s US hubs to Alaska.

Destination: London, United Kingdom

Where to find cheap plane tickets: There have always been plenty of deals in this capital, but thanks to a joint venture between Virgin Atlantic and Delta Airlines, competition continues through 2020.

Destination: India

Where to find cheap plane tickets: Thanks to Delta resuming flights from New York to Mumbai at the end of 2019, American travelers will continue to see offers to this metropolis in 2020. They expect this flight to lower fares and more frequent offerings across the country.

Destination: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Where to find cheap plane tickets: This port city also benefits from Kenya Airways’ partnership with Air France and KLM. Look for deals on this airline as well as United, Brussels Airlines or Ethiopian Airlines.

Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where to find cheap plane tickets: Through All Nippon Airways as well as United, look for deals to this Southeast Asian hub from Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Jose and San Francisco via Tokyo.

Destination: Seoul, South Korea

Where to find cheap plane tickets: As Delta moves its Asian hub from Tokyo to Seoul, look for deals in its US hubs like Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis and Seattle

Destination: France

Where to find cheap plane tickets: European hub, Paris often offers good deals. Next year will be no exception with new routes from Boston and Newark.

Destination: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Where to find cheap plane tickets: As the largest city in South America, São Paulo also has the busiest airport. Check this Brazilian city for deals from New York, Miami, Orlando, Chicago and Dallas.

If you want to continue to Rio de Janeiro, book a second flight from São Paulo as round-trip tickets cost less than $80.

Destination: Fiji

Where to find cheap plane tickets: Although this archipelago is often synonymous with luxury travel, in 2019 there were some incredible flight deals to the paradise island that experts plan to continue in 2020.

Look for deals from the West Coast, as well as smaller airports like Eugene, Boise, Kalispell, and Reno. There are also 2-in-1 deals with Australia that offer stops in both countries on the same ticket.

Destination: Cape Verde

Where to find cheap plane tickets: This remote volcanic archipelago is difficult to reach, but in 2019 Cabo Verde Airlines launched nonstop flights to Washington, D.C. TAP Air Portugal also connects the United States to the African island nation via Lisbon. As TAP continues to expand its operations, expect to see more frequent offers from more US cities in 2020.

Destination: bangkok, Thailand

Where to find cheap plane tickets: This backpacker’s paradise saw many flight deals in 2019 and experts predict that will continue in 2020. They recommend looking for deals on All Nippon Airways via Tokyo and Asiana or Korean Air via Seoul.

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