Thai Airways to reactivate 5 planes due to demand

Thai Airways International (TG, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi) will reactivate three A330-300s and two mothballed B777-200s due to a rapid recovery in demand, especially on its European routes, chief commercial officer Nond Kalinta told the newspaper. English speaking Nation Thailand.

“We believe this year’s peak season will see the highest number of passengers in the past two years. The airline expects 4.48 million passengers for the full year and total revenue of 80 billion baht ($2.2 billion) thanks to the lifting of travel restrictions for foreigners since July 1. For THAI, the average load factor is now 70-80%, with European markets having the d “highest occupancy at 90%. The advance booking rate in July is now at 60% and growing,” says Nond.

The airline mothballed most of its widebody fleet after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thailand implemented strict travel restrictions, which were only relaxed in November 2021, virtually halting Thai Airways passenger operations except for repatriation charters. As the airline entered into legal restructuring, it announced its intention to simplify its fleet. First, he retired all B747-400s, B777-200s and B777-300s. Subsequently, it also retired its A380-800 and B777-200(ER), leaving only the A330-300, A350-900, B777-300(ER), B787-8 and B787-9 in its very scaled down. fleet.

In an interview with ch-aviation in March 2022, the chairman of the rehabilitation plan administrators, Piyasvasti Amranand, maintained that the A330-300s and B777-200s would be sold, although the B777-200 (ER) were to remain in the fleet. Nond did not say whether the airline plans to reactivate the -200 or -200(ER) but the spokesperson confirmed to ch-aviation that they will be non-ER variants.

The ch-aviation advanced fleets module shows that Thai Airways currently operates six B777-200(ERs), of which four are active and two have remained in storage at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport since March 2020. The six own -200s from airline are stationed (five at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and one at Bangkok Don Mueang). The airline also operates nine A330-300s (and already has five other aircraft no longer registered in Thailand), seven of which are stationed at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and two at Hong Kong Int’l.

Editorial Comment: The article is updated with a comment from the Thai Airways spokesperson. – 12.07.2022 – 06:55 UTC

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