Take back your winter with cheap flights to these warm destinations

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You’ve tried to deny it, but you can’t take it anymore: winter is coming – and in some places it has already arrived. The snow has fallen, ski resorts open, sub-zero wind chill have been reported, and the pretty leaves you enjoyed begin to fall. My coats came out of the basement. I repeat: My coats came out of the basement. This is not an exercise.

You can let winter get to you this year…or you can take control. And the best way to do that is to book your hot weather getaway on a cheap flight. You’re in luck: In the past two weeks alone, we’ve unearthed incredibly cheap flights to more than a dozen warm, sunny spots where you can top up your vitamin D this winter.

Let me show you some of our favorite warm weather flight deals we sent to Premium Thrifty Traveler members over the past two weeks. Whether it’s a flight under $250 to Florida, fares to the U.S. Virgin Islands for under $300, or a bargain to Thailand, you can find a hot spot for cheaper this winter.

Cheap flights to the best hot spots

Let’s start close to home and get out, because you can get a sunburn without going very far in this country. And thanks to more than a dozen major airports dotting the state, Florida is one of the easiest and cheapest warm destinations you can fly to this winter.

While many travelers flock to Fort Myers and Miami, the savviest travelers are heading to some of the best beaches Florida has to offer up north on the Florida Panhandle. Just a few days ago, we found flights from across the country under $250 to Destin (VPS), Panama City (ECP), and Pensacola (PNS). Either way, those cheap fares were flying nonstop, including a brand new Delta flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) in Destin.

Who needs a flight to a hot beach more than Minnesotans? But travelers living around Baltimore (BWI), Nashville (BNA), and St. Louis (STL) have all benefited from those cheap Florida fares.

You don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy the sunshine. Orlando (MCO) might be more up your alley, especially if you’re looking to entertain youngsters. Orlando’s pools and parks are a great way to warm up this winter, and you can get there without having to spend a lot of money, thanks to this stunner of a Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale.

Cheap flights to Orlando

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From just 10,000 Delta SkyMiles round-trip, you can visit Orlando and save that money to cover park entrance fees, hotels, or certain mouse products!

But it’s time to leave the continental United States and head to the Caribbean for some sunnier options, starting with the beautiful island of Cuba. Some Americans might be surprised to know that you can even visit Cuba. We are here to tell you that you can… and should!

If you’re looking for a beach vacation, the seaside town of Varadero is an amazing place to start. And thanks to an all-new American Airlines route there, we’ve found phenomenal fares to help you do just that this winter for under $300!

Cheap flights to Cuba

Varadero seems like the hidden beach town your friends will tire of hearing about. I’ll check for you and report – I’ve already booked my winter warm-up trip to Cuba for 2023!

A little further out in the Caribbean, you can find a secluded island paradise that seems a world away from your snowy sidewalk, but you won’t need to leave the country to get there. The US Virgin Islands are a no-brainer for Americans looking for an easy trip. No passport is required for Americans to enter St. Thomas (STT) or St. Croix (STX), and cheap flights to the islands aren’t too hard to find.

Cheap flights to St. Thomas

No passport, no problem: Find out more flight offers to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico!

This one is a steal! From New York City (JFK), you could be in paradise in less than four hours… and for less than $224! It was just one price of a deal that also involved more than a dozen US cities.

And if you like islands, we have another idea for you: Cancún. Wait wait! Don’t get too excited just yet. I know Cancún is not an island. Put down your pitchfork. But one cheap flights to cancun (CUN) is the perfect way to start a visit to two amazing nearby islands: Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy.

IMG 8832 2

That’s exactly what the Thrifty Traveler team did last month, visiting both islands during our annual retreat for some sunny good times. You can read our complete guide to our tripincluding how to get there and how to book a day trip to Contoy.

But like I said, it starts with a cheap flight to Cancun. You’re in luck: it’s one of the cheapest places to get every year, and this coming winter is no different with rates like this $227 deal.

rate miami cancun

OK, we’ve covered a bunch of easy trips you can book to escape the harsh winter this year. But I know there is an adventurous spirit reading this who is looking for something a little off the beaten path. Challenge accepted.

Nothing beats Thailand.

Cheap flights to Thailand

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It’s an incredibly cheap and still friendly travel destination that too many Americans overlook. Sure, it’s a bit of a journey to get there, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! This deal, mostly with partners United and Delta, could get you there for less than $750. Mexico and Florida are great, but a trip to Thailand is worth it.


Whether it’s a trans-Pacific flight or a quick hop to Florida, you can warm up quickly this winter with a cheap flight.

Don’t let winter put you off this year! It happens fast, but nothing warms you up like a sunny trip on the calendar. Just because your coats are out doesn’t mean you have to put your shorts away! Book a warm, sunny trip and change your winter fortunes this year.

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