Super Cheap Flights Under $80 From Atlanta And You Can Catch A Few Before Spring Break Ends

With the beautiful days approaching, our Spring Break 2022 fever is already setting in! What better way to celebrate the return of sunny skies than a well-deserved vacation. April and May are the best times to soak up vitamin D.

Between inflated plane tickets, luxury hotels and high-end dining experiences, the cost of a getaway can potentially add up. Narcity has selected some of the best one-way flight deals on the market so you don’t have to sacrifice the experience you deserve.

There’s a destination for everyone, from sprawling cityscapes to white-sand beaches, or even rugged mountain ranges. Just promise us you won’t forget your sunscreen.

Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Price: $30

When: April 19

Why you need to go: This spring break staple is known for its gorgeous beaches and impressive cityscapes. Go boating on one of its canals or visit The Strip, a seaside hotspot.

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Atlanta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas

Price: $42

When: April 20

Why you have to go: Everything is bigger in Texas! Dallas offers a growing food scene and plenty of museums and cultural centers where you can spend your days. Admire the skyline from a rooftop bar or take a nature walk in one of Dallas’ beautiful parks.

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Atlanta, Georgia to Washington DC

Price: $78

When: May 14

Why you need to go: The US capital might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of spring break, but the cherry blossoms make Washington DC a gorgeous destination for visitors. History and nature lovers can find plenty to do here in the warmer months.

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Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California

Price: $66

When: May 11

Why you need to go: Between Hollywood’s iconic cinematic history and Los Angeles’ rich food scene, visitors discovering one of America’s most famous cities can take a trip they’ll never forget under sunny California skies.

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Atlanta, GA to Denver, CO

Price: $59

When: April 23

Why you need to go: Denver is home to remarkable architecture, a fun art museum and beautiful mountain views. Visitors can go skiing in the Rockies one day, then explore the city’s cultural offerings the next.

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Atlanta, Georgia to New York, NY

Price: $78

When: May 3

Why you need to go: The Big Apple has something for everyone. It’s a very unique experience that needs no introduction. Home to the best museums and restaurants in the world, you can’t go wrong traveling to New York.

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Atlanta, Georgia to Tampa, Florida

Price: $48

When: May 3

Why you need to go: Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the United States, Tampa offers visitors crystal clear water and vibrant nightlife.

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Editor’s Note: Prices are confirmed at time of publication, but may change at any time.

Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart, and above all, be respectful on your adventure.

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