South West Cheap Flights During January Flight Sale

If you feel like Southwest just had a flight sale, they did it! But the popular airline is a favorite for a reason. Its latest sale began on January 3 and will run until 11:59 p.m. CT on January 6, with one-way fares starting at just $39.

Here is just a sampling of some of the tickets that can be booked:

  • Boston, MA, to Chicago, IL, (and vice versa) $49
  • Chicago, IL, to Cincinnati, OH, (and vice versa) $39
  • Denver, CO to Long Beach, CA (and vice versa) $59
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Chicago, IL, (and vice versa) $59
  • New York, NY, to Nashville, TN, (and vice versa) $59
  • Nashville, TN, to St. Louis, MO, (and vice versa) $39
  • St. Louis, MO, to Chicago, IL, (and vice versa) $39

To see the full list of destinations and prices, go to As with any flight sale, there are certain terms and conditions you should consider before purchasing a ticket. The sale will apply to tickets booked for travel between January 18 and May 18, 2022, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. One thing to note for now, in this season of flight delays and cancellations: fares are non-refundable.

Before you go, it would be best to check the Southwest COVID-19 Safety page for the latest updates. And if you want to be extra careful, check the The latest CDC guidelines for domestic travel.

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