Scott’s Cheap Flights are the best way to find flight deals

This is one of the best ways to find cheap international and domestic flight deals.

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Othat you are stressed skyrocketing airfares or are you the type of person who spends hours snooping around Google Flights for fun finding flight deals to inspire your next getaway abroad, you need to subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights at present.

The newsletter founded by former journalist Scott Keyes in 2015 delivers cheap international and domestic flight deals straight to your inbox as they’re rolled out by airlines. (If you’re already one of the 2 million newsletter subscribers, congratulations, you’ve probably already saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars.)

Members typically save up to 90% on international flights. Here are some examples of the great deals Scott’s Cheap Flights found on return flights last March/April:

  • Los Angeles Peru, Aug-Nov 2022 – $281 (usually $700+)
  • San Francisco to Tahiti, Aug 2022-Jan 2023 – $533 (usually $1,000+)
  • NYC to Costa Rica, dates throughout 2022 – $190 (usually $600+)

In every email, Keyes and his team provide all the information you’ll need to score the deals they uncover, including departure cities, travel dates, airlines, typical flight costs, and even a direct link to find the offer in Google Flights Where Momondo (both are useful if they are time consuming flight finder tools).

It all started in 2013 when Keyes discovered a flight to Milan for just $130. Once he got home, he started emailing his friends and family the airfare deals he kept coming across. Eventually, he decided to turn his obsession with finding cheap flights into a newsletter. Since Scott’s Cheap Flights doesn’t receive commissions from booking sites, you’ll also know that the deals are actually good value for money and not just a way for the company to make money.

If you’re really addicted, you can also choose to pay more for Premium or Elite subscriptions which offer about four times more offers than the free version. The top two membership tiers include a 14-day free trial so you can test it out before committing to the annual fee.

Here’s how the three levels of membership work.


Register now: Free,

You will get a sample of international economy class offers for up to five airports delivered each month. In 2021, Scott’s Cheap Flights sent 591 offers to its limited members.


Register now: $49 per year,

You’ll get all international and domestic economy class offers from up to 10 airports, as well as weekend getaway deals and mispriced fares from your home airport. (A fare error—or error—occurs when a airline accidentally lists the wrong price for a ticket on its website.) In 2021, Scott’s cheap flights sent 2,249 offers to its Premium members.


Register now: $199 per year,

Elite Membership gives you all the benefits of Premium Membership, but for First Class, Business Class, or Premium Economy Class offerings from an unlimited number of airports in the United States. You will also receive incorrect fares from any US airport. Over the past six months, Scott’s cheap flights sent 2,571 offers to its Elite members.

When you sign up, your subscription is tailored to your home airport so you only receive offers that apply to you. Scott’s Cheap Flights currently serves travelers departing from airports in the United States, including the 50 states, St. Thomas, Guam and Puerto Rico.

This article was originally published in 2018; it was updated on June 15, 2022, with current information.

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