Russian plane banned from entering UK airspace faces detention

Russian planes banned from entering British airspace and risk being detained. image: creative commons – Pavel Osipovich

Russian plane banned from entering UK airspace and faces detention after Grant Schapps passes new law

Grant Shapps, The British Transport Secretary announced tonight, Tuesday March 8, the final stage of action against Russia, by banning all Russian aircraft from British airspace. “We will stifle the ability of Putin’s cronies to continue to live normally while thousands of innocent people are dying,” he said.

Under new rules, from 5 p.m. local UK time, any Russian plane or plane that enters British airspace risks being detained and its passengers arrested. Air traffic controllers have been given strict instructions to warn any such aircraft attempting to enter UK airspace of the consequences.

A letter released this evening by Mr. Schapps said: “Russia’s assault on Ukraine is an unprovoked and premeditated attack on a sovereign democratic state”.

Adding: “The British government has shown that any Russian military incursion into Ukraine will have massive consequences and a high cost”. His letter confirmed that entry into British airspace by any Russian aircraft is not considered “appropriate” by the British government.

This prohibition applies to any aircraft owned by a Russian individual registered in Russia. It also applies to anyone related to people who have been sanctioned or who may be related to Russia.

There was already a law in force from February 25, which prevented Russian planes from entering British airspace, but today’s legislation takes it to the next level, with criminal offenses for anyone who breaks it. the law, as reported


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