Romanian tax authorities seize Blue Air plane

Romanian private airline Blue Air has moved closer to insolvency after the tax collection agency (ANAF) seized one of its planes, a Boeing 737-500 located at Bacau airport, a reported

The company owes RON 14.4 million to the state budget, RON 36.6 million to the social security budget and RON 12.2 million to the public health system budget, making a total of 63, 2 million RON (13 million euros).

Another aircraft previously operated by Blue Air, now parked at Cluj-Napoca airport, was also seized, but the company claims it is actually owned by the leasing company Air Lease Corporation and that the shares of the tax administration are “an abuse”.

A third plane, also a Boeing 737-500 belonging to Blue Air, is parked at Forli airport (Italy). It is not yet known whether this plane, whose owner is Blue Air, has been seized by the tax authorities.

The company suspended flights in early September and was unable to resume operations in October, hoping to find a strategic investor. On October 11, company representatives claimed that the investors had already “agreed to all the terms.” The agreement is subject to state authorization.

The state is currently repaying a €60m rescue loan to the company to help it recover from the lockdown. With most of its fleet already returned to the leasing company, the government cannot recover much, or the investor sees value as an investment objective.

Wizz Air but also the Moldavian operator HiSky have already replaced Blue Air on certain routes.

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