Pipistrel presents the new Explorer aircraft

Pipistrel Aircraft last week announced a new plane, the virus-based, EASA-certified SW121A Explorer.

The Explorer is equipped with the certified Rotax 912 S3 100 hp engine and is designed to cover multiple operations including training, glider towing and IFR flying as well as private operations.

It is also approved for intentional rotations.

“We are proud to announce our new Explorer, the most advanced small two-seat EASA-certified aircraft on the market today,” states a Pipistrel announcement, “offering a significant step up from the competition; combining performance, affordability and ease of use with features such as dual touch screen avionics and an advanced autopilot, excellent for multiple needs and purposes.

“Pipistrel is a leading light aircraft producer with a global presence and a clear vision of reducing emissions and fuel burn.

“Thanks to the design and development philosophy, from conception to its operations, our customers benefit from highly reliable aircraft with a class-leading safety record and highly competitive performance, regardless of their propulsion type.”

The Explorer is equipped with an advanced autopilot, dual touchscreen glass cockpit, dual COM, ADS-B in and out, haptic stall warning ( stick shaker), a ballistic parachute, a certified constant speed hydraulic propeller and air brakes.

The aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 120 KTAS and a range of 5.5 hours.

Pipistrel says the Explorer can be used for commercial operations and believes it will attract interest from flight schools and private aircraft owners, being one of the very few two-seater aircraft that can provide ab initio training up to at CPL and IFR levels.

More information on the Pipistrel website.

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