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We’re still on the hunt for cheap flights to Europe – and luckily for us (and for you) flight prices are dropping again. But from the windswept shores of Iceland to the Greek Isles, one destination stands out for the bargains: cheap flights to Ireland are pouring in like Guinness right now.

Even though flight prices have skyrocketed this summer, airfares to Ireland have remained quite reasonable. But with this trend reversing, a ticket to Ireland becomes even cheaper…in many cases, it drops below $400 return. If you have the luck of the Irish on your side, you might even see a return ticket to Dublin (DUB) under $300 in total.

We sent Premium Thrifty Traveler flight deal alerts to three different Irish airports over the past few months, and the cheap fares keep coming. If Dublin is your scene (and it’s definitely ours), flight deals to the Irish capital are regularly available. But even if your ideal trip to Ireland is a hike along the Cliffs of Moher, there are also deals that can help you cross that off your to-do list.

Whether you’re in a pub or exploring small country villages (or both), there’s no right way to see Ireland. But there is one thing we will insist on: you have to book a cheap flight to get there. And then you’re in luck…

Flight offer Dublin

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We found this offer in Dublin just a few weeks ago, with fantastic fares as low as $386 round trip and high availability for travel this fall through next spring. Best of all, it included the month of March…and that put a St. Patrick’s Day trip to Ireland on the books of dozens of US cities.

Cheap flights to Dublin

Why is Ireland so ripe for cheap flights? It’s one of the shortest European flights you can take from the continental United States, and that certainly helps. But the most important factor is competition between airlines – and Ireland has a national carrier offering excellent fares, regularly forcing the likes of American, Delta and United to match.

Yes, you can thank Aer Lingus for these cheap flights to Ireland. It’s a hybrid between a budget carrier and a full-service airline and a perfectly comfortable ride across the pond, especially at prices like these.

Aer Lingus flight offer

Aer Lingus runs sales fairly regularly on its non-stop routes to Dublin (DUB). With Premium Thrifty Traveleryou’ll have your head held high every time they do to book a trip to Ireland at prices like these.

Aer Lingus fares

And you would watch this! Aer Lingus even listed its two nonstop flights to Shannon (SNN) for sale in this one. You can get to Shannon from Boston (BOS) and New York (JFK). Dublin isn’t your only option when flying nonstop to Ireland.

If we haven’t sold you on Aer Lingus yet, we’ll let this next fare take a crack (or should we say “craic” as the Irish do) to you. Fares to Europe are not much cheaper than this.

Flights Toronto-Dublin

This price was crazy! From Canada’s largest city to Ireland for a fraction of what this trip usually costs.

We expect very low fares from the economy carrier. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean Aer Lingus lacks style. Aer Lingus offers a great business class seat flying over the Atlantic, and it could have been yours with the right points and miles…

Aer Lingus Business Class

That’s right: you can also fly to Dublin in Business Class with a flat bed on Aer Lingus. Just a few weeks ago we spotted a ton of availability on the route from Washington, DC (IAD) to Dublin. You can book these flights with 60,000 miles from United MileagePlus, British Airways Avios or Alaska Mileage Plan!

aer lingus business class

We’ve been to Dublin and Shannon, but there’s another airport in Ireland that deserves your attention: Cork (ORK). Cork is home to Blarney Castle and its famous Blarney Stone. Kissing the stone gives you the gift of eloquence, so I just figured I’ve never been…

Well, look over here! More cheap flights.

Cheap flights to Ireland

This Cork deal that we discovered last week included almost all US airports with Delta service. It was a phenomenal value which included St. Patrick’s Day availability in almost every city! And it was the lowest fare of the bunch and a sweet, sweet KLM ride in Ireland.

Cheap flights to Ireland

Cork isn’t at the top of everyone’s mind when you think of Ireland, but it should be. Maybe a few of these awards have convinced you.


Flight prices in Ireland are low at the moment, and the latest flight of Premium Thrifty Traveler flight deal alerts prove it.

We think it’s time to book if you’re looking for an Irish vacation this fall or during St. Patrick’s Day. The Emerald Isle awaits!

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