Municipality of Aristotle promotes Halkidiki tourist packages in Malta

Photo source: Municipality of Aristotle

The Commune of Aristotle in the East Halkidiki this summer promoted its tourist offer to travel professionals in the city of Valletta, Malta.

Representatives of the municipality visited Malta last month and presented the benefits of alternative tourism in Eastern Halkidiki, including cultural, diving, wine, hiking and education tourism, during business meetings with local travel professionals.

According to the municipality, Malta is a “mature tourist market” which already has an air link with Thessaloniki, which is only an hour from Halkidiki by car. Therefore, the representatives of the municipality presented a complete travel package and gave essential information to Malta travel professionals on costs and accommodation options in Eastern Halkidiki.

Meetings with tour operators

During their stay in Malta, the representatives of the municipality met with leaders of the main local tour operator FCM. The leaders expressed their interest in discovering Eastern Halkidiki and promoting the region as a Mediterranean cultural destination. To this end, the CEO and Sales Manager of FCM have agreed to visit Eastern Halkidiki in September.

Furthermore, the Greek delegation presented its diving and wine tourism products to the CEO of BRITISH, a local tour operator that offers Greece travel packages for solo travelers, families and theme travel groups. In mid-October, the Municipality of Aristotle will welcome the head of BRITANNIA and his associates to Eastern Chalkidiki and present sections of the Thessaloniki – Mount Athos wine route.

Malta is the eighth tourist market that the municipality has approached this year after Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, Corsica and Montenegro.

“We insist on opening up to new markets, while strengthening our existing ones. Our goal is to achieve an equal influx of travelers from all European and Mediterranean destinations by building a sustainable future for the entire municipality”, Aristotle Mayor Stelios Valianos said.

In 2020 and 2021, the municipality reached out to travel professionals in Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and France.

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