Looking for cheap flights from Chicago? Book tickets now to secure low prices as spring break approaches, experts say

CHICAGO (WLS) — The fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a ripple effect of trouble. In the United States and here in the Chicago area, experts expect exorbitant domestic flight costs.

“I’m looking for two places Las Vegas with the family and Paris, I’d like to go in the fall. I’m looking now so I can pick up a flight that isn’t prohibitively expensive,” Chicago’s BJ Parker told the I-Team. She has big travel plans for the future, but worries about budgeting for flights.

“I’m going to look at Cheap Air, Southwest, Expedia, I’m looking at all the flights,” she added.

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Parker said the flight prices she has seen so far are 50% higher since the invasion of Ukraine. But she has little time, so flying is the best option.

“Global markets are connected, and one of the most important things people need to keep in mind is the price of oil. Kerosene tends to be one of the biggest expenses,” said the travel expert Willis Orlando at Scott’s Cheap Flights.

As spring break approaches, consumers will likely pay more for domestic travel.

“We have already seen average fares increase by around 2% in the first part of this year. This will continue for the foreseeable future,” he warned.

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Traveling to Asia will likely require more layovers to avoid Russian airspace. But traveling abroad may now be cheaper, due to people’s concerns about the conflict.

Experts say European airlines are locking in their jet fuel prices, so travel to Europe is unlikely to increase, and a drop in demand to Europe during a war could also drive prices down.

“When demand is low, airlines have to put things on sale to sell those tickets,” Orlando said. “We’ve seen a $420 non-stop return flight, say, from Chicago to Portugal. If you’re planning on traveling to Europe, summer or fall, this might be a good opportunity to lock in those fares now. .

When looking for cheaper flights, always book early and add flexibility to your travel dates. Try flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can also look to see if using one airline for departure and another airline for return will give you a better price.

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