Is the Embraer E175 the most widely used single-aisle aircraft in the United States?

Embraer’s E175 aircraft is the most popular single-aisle aircraft with up to 90 seats in the United States. Last week, Simple Flying was invited to Embraer’s facilities in Brazil. During a media presentation, Arjan Meijer (President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation) spoke about the importance of the E175 in the airline industry.

Strong demand for the Embraer E175

The Embraer E175 is part of the Embraer E Jet family of aircraft and seats 78 to 88 passengers. Its first maiden flight took place in 2003 in Brazil, and since then Embraer has received orders for more than 600 E175s. There are currently three versions of the 175 manufactured by Embraer, standard (STD), long range (LR) and advanced (AR). The E175AR was introduced in 2007 and offers higher payload capacity and longer range.


Arjan Meijer, CEO and President of Embraer Commercial Aviation, spoke to the media at last week’s event and said Embraer expects to produce between 60 and 70 commercial aircraft this year. Photo: Embraer

According to Meijer, there is still strong demand for the E175, and Embraer will continue to manufacture the E175 E1 until it can transition to the E2 program. The 175 E2 program is currently on hold due to scope clause changes that have not occurred in recent years. Meijer added that since 2013, the market share of the E175 on net orders of 70 to 90 aircraft has been very large. Worldwide, the E175 has a 63% market share. In the United States, the E175 has an 86% net order market share.

During his presentation, Meijer said there were more than 600 E175s flying in the United States, but there were only 557 active E175s in the United States, according to ch-aviation. The E175 has had the highest utilization of single-aisle aircraft, up to 90 seats, over the past two years.

“…it (the strength of the E175) has come back very quickly for the segment. Airlines have really relied on small aircraft to rebuild their networks, and you see the 175 leading the pack.” – Arjan Meijer, President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation

Meijer referenced data showing the percentage of the E175 fleet in service and compared it with the CRJ900. The data showed a discrepancy of around 10% between the use of the E175 and CRJ900 fleets, with the E175 being the most used aircraft. In March, 98% of all E175s were in use in the United States, compared to just 85% for the CRJ 900.

E175 in June 2022

According to data extracted from aeronautical analysis company Cirium, the E175 was operated on almost twice as many flights as the CRJ in the United States during the first week of June. During the first week of June, the E175 was used on 10,109 flights, compared to 6,503 flights for the CRJs. The number of places offered by the E175 during the first week of June is more than double that offered by the CRJ. The E175 had 768,284 available seats and the CRJ had 325,150.

Let’s break down these 10,109 flights by marketing airline. The reason for airline marketing scrutiny is that in the United States, most major airlines have subsidiaries that operate flights on their behalf, so the operating airlines have different names. American Airlines led the way with 6,223 flights on the E175 last week. American is followed by Alaska Airlines, which has 2,292 flights. Third is Delta Air Lines, with 1,290. Air Canada has 304 flights and is included in this light because it operates flights to/from the United States with Embraer Aircraft.

We were not permitted to photograph Embraer’s production facilities, which is why this photo from last week’s event was provided to us. This is Embraer’s final assembly line hangar, and in the rear left corner is an E175 almost ready for delivery to Horizon Air. Photo: Embraer

As mentioned above, Embraer has an E175 E2 program currently on hold, and demand for the E1 remains strong. Just last week I saw several planes at the Embraer plant that were in production and were going to be delivered to SkyWest, Horizon Air and American Eagle. The E2 family includes the 190E2 and 195E2, the most fuel-efficient commercial aircraft on the market. Embraer is patiently waiting to resume its E175 E2 program but is pleased with continued demand for the E175 E1.

Sources: ch aviation, Cirium

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