IBAC, USI Partner for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Audit Training

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) has partnered with the Unmanned Safety Institute to develop and implement an auditor training program for the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). IBAC unveiled the IS-BAO RPAS program in January, naming Cartersville, Georgia-based Phoenix Air Unmanned as the first to receive registration. Phoenix Air Unmanned, a sister company of IS-BAO-registered charter aircraft operator Phoenix Air Group, has worked with IBAC on a pilot program to include RPAS.

IBAC has expanded the scope of the IS-BAO program to accommodate some of its participating operators who have started using RPAS vehicles, as well as autonomous operators who have researched best practices and safety management systems, said Andrew Karas, IS-BAO Program Director. He noted that this move is in line with IBAC’s goal to evolve with industry and technology development. “We’re embracing that with this sector,” he added.

The RPAS standards were developed by an advisory committee that represents a range of industry professionals, including Joby Aviation. The IBAC said it is adapting the program to ensure it will be relevant and applicable to RPAS now and in the future.

A key to implementation is professionally trained and accredited auditors, the IBAC added. “The business aviation industry is replete with highly experienced and knowledgeable operations and maintenance personnel, drawn from traditional manned aircraft experience. However, the operating environment for RPAS is relatively new with fewer industry experts,” Karas said. “As with any successful security program, well-trained and qualified auditors are essential.”

He added that the IBAC chose to work with the Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) because it brings experience in educating, training and certifying RPAS operators, and administers a program that has exceeded 11 000 certificates.

The IBAC will require RPAS auditor training as part of the accreditation program and will oversee the implementation of the training program. USI will create training content, including course materials and e-learning management, with the program due to launch later this year. Identifiers will be co-branded.

“The IS-BAO and IS-BAH standards and IBAC’s globally recognized auditing programs are highly valued by the business aviation community as they focus on creating a culture that promotes continuous improvement of safety practices and risk mitigation,” said Josh, president and CEO of the Unmanned Safety Institute. Old. “USI is proud to have been selected by IBAC to develop and implement an RPAS auditor training program that will ensure that the auditor’s existing aviation experience and expertise is complemented with knowledge and awareness compatible with the evolution of the global RPAS market.”

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