How to Find Cheap Flights for the Thanksgiving Vacation

Cheap flights from Scott recently surveyed its members and found that vacation travel intentions were up in 2021 compared to last year, with most travelers likely to visit family in the United States on the occasion of Thanksgiving versus Christmas and New Years.

While travelers have already missed the typical “Goldilocks window” for booking the best rate for Thanksgiving travel – 2-6 months in advance for international travel and 1 to 3 months in advance for domestic travel – SCF reports seeing more last minute flight deals than usual. This year.


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“This can be largely attributed to the fact that demand has lagged supply on many routes. Airlines have increased capacity very quickly, especially on many recreation-oriented routes, and although demand of travel has rebounded, it is still below pre-pandemic levels, “the email subscription service noted in its Thanksgiving 2021 Travel Guide.

The SCF team also points out that the boom in domestic travel at this time of year often results in an influx of international flight offers. “International flights become considerably more expensive in mid-December for the Christmas / New Year period. But at the end of November, airlines have yet to attract overseas travelers. In terms of timing, Thanksgiving is a particularly convenient week for traveling. school weekends, or even the whole week off. Many workplaces do the same, ”added SCF. “Europe is one of the best places to fly for Thanksgiving. End of November is when many European Christmas markets start to pop up. Plus, the weather is still very manageable in the fall. One final plus: the Late November is sluggish for most international destinations. It’s not just cheaper flights, but also hotels, car rentals and activities. “

In addition to considering international travel for Thanksgiving, travelers can save on airline tickets by being flexible about their travel dates and destination. In the latter case, travelers can use Google Flights’ Explore Map tool to see fares from their nearest airport and narrow down a destination for their travel dates based on their budget. Travelers can also book flights that take off at less desirable times, such as a red-eyed trip, to keep costs down.

Looking at other airports and trying out the hidden ticket booth are other ways to earn cheap Thanksgiving flights. “One way to hack airline prices is to look at other ticket options that might allow you to tune into the hub you’re trying to travel to. In other words, a flight from San Francisco to Nashville with a stopover in Atlanta might be cheaper than a direct flight from San Francisco to Atlanta; if you are looking to get to Atlanta as your final destination, you will take the first step, not the second, “stress experts at SCF.” Remember that when you skip one leg on a flight to a hidden city, the rest of your ticket will be canceled, so book two one-way tickets, or skip the flight only on your return. “

Travelers should also keep in mind that the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including staff shortages in many industries, are likely to lead to longer queues, delays and cancellations. than usual this holiday season. Therefore, you may want to consider a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect your investment.

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