Forum: Laws in place to ensure safe and responsible unmanned aircraft operations

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Singapore Police thank Mr. Andy Tan and Mr. Phillip Tan Fong Lip for their letters (Do existing drone laws adequately protect privacy?, 25 May; and Check the Drone Nuisance Now Before It Gets Worse, May 30).

We assure them that there are laws in place to ensure that unmanned aircraft (UA) are operated in a safe and responsible manner.

The use of UA, including drones, in Singapore is regulated by the Air Navigation Act, which protects aviation, public safety and security (such as the ban on the transport of hazardous materials).

All commercial UA activities and some recreational or educational activities (depending on the weight of the UA and where the UA is operated) would require a permit under the Air Navigation Act or its subsidiary laws.

In addition, any unmanned aircraft weighing 250g or more must be registered with CAAS before being operated.

Licensed or unlicensed, all UA operators are required to operate the UA in a manner that does not present danger or cause harassment to another person.

Operators must also ensure that they are not in breach of applicable laws in Singapore, such as the Penal Code.

Members of the public who encounter a UA being flown in a manner that may be an invasion of privacy, endanger life and property, or cause harassment to any person, are encouraged to make a report of police. Action will be taken against those who have broken the law.

For more information on unmanned aircraft regulations and guidelines, please visit the CAAS website (

Tan Kah Han

chief technology officer

Senior Director (Unmanned Systems Group)

Singapore Civil Aviation Authority

Brenda Ong (superintendent)

Deputy Director (Public Communications Division)

Public Affairs Department

Singapore Police

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