Fly, but save: 7 ways to find cheap flights online

If there’s one question seasoned travelers get most often from new travelers, it would be none other than, “Where do you find cheap flights?” It’s true; for some reason people think that veteran travelers have confidential information about sales and secret locations – well, to be completely honest, there is some truth in that!

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There are indeed some travel sites that present fairer prices than others, just as there are certain times of the year and certain days when flight prices drop, even if it is only by a Fraction of a second. So we’ve put together a list of websites you should bookmark the next time you’re looking to buy a flight.

Keep in mind that when bidding on flights, finding something with significant price drops is more a game of luck than anything. (Unfortunately, 70% off a listed price is not as likely in the aviation industry as it is in retail.) area or on your itinerary are on sale. So stay tuned, browse our list below and book this trip!

Google Flights

When Google Flights entered the chat in 2011, it practically changed the aviation industry forever. Organized by a software system that does the job of filtering websites to present the prices at the most affordable rates, Google continues to show us why it remains the number one search engine.


Hopper has become popular as an app that not only showcases the cheapest flight options, but has boosted its relevance by notifying users when prices will change and advising them to buy now or wait until later. Even better, Hopper gives you a percentage window of how much the flight price is likely to change. How is the clutch?!

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The only thing better than a recommendation is hundreds of recommendations and reviews to get you the idea of ​​a place. It’s exactly like that Tripadvisor became famous. Built similarly to Google Flights, Tripadvisor is best known for its user review angles so you can better plan the trip you’re destined to take.


Going on a long trip and having no Worldnet taken, so you have to check in a lot of luggage? That’s when Kayak is very convenient. As one of the cheapest flight sites, Kayak also offers the option to add the number of bags you plan to travel with as an initial filter option so that it can present you with the best flight options.


As indicated by his name, Skyscanner analyzes the lay of the land, not only for flights, but also for the best hotels, accommodations and car rental options for your destination, often presenting you with the cheapest flights on the market.

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Do you feel flexible in your projects? You know you want to go on vacation this year, but you don’t know when or where? By establishing pick-and-go dates to choose from, travelzoo has made itself a fantastic website that travelers can use when looking to book a spontaneous trip.


Skilagging is a practice where a connecting flight’s stopover is the actual destination of the passenger – and so it’s something airlines don’t really like. But it’s legal and works well for travelers; use to find hidden city tickets and cheaper flight options.

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