Farnborough organizers unveil planes visiting this year’s airshow

Organizers of the 2022 Farnborough Airshow have started giving an idea of ​​the planes that will fly in the daily flight display. Organizers today updated the list of planes at the show, almost doubling it from the 23 planes shown yesterday.

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In just over two weeks, tens of thousands of visitors will descend on Farnborough Airport for the first edition of the Farnborough Airshow since 2018. Final preparations for the show will be underway for many exhibitors, but we are starting to have a taste of what to expect.


Airbus & Boeing bring three planes?

So far, Airbus and Boeing are only set to bring three planes to the Farnborough Airshow this year between them. Given their presence in previous years, it would not be surprising if the two main manufacturers increased their numbers and offered a more complete selection of aircraft than currently advertised. The good news for airliner fans is that all three should fly when not on static display,

Plane Maker Flying
A350-900 Airbus Monday Friday
737 MAX 10 Boeing Monday Thursday
777X Boeing Monday Wednesday

Could this be the first major air meeting without an Airbus A380? Photo: Philippe Masclet – Master Films via Airbus

Boeing will also be represented by other parties bringing aircraft to the show. The Royal Air Force will bring the Boeing P-8 and Chinook helicopter, while the Aerosuperbatics Wingwalker team will fly the Boeing Stearman to the show on Friday.

Embraer brings four planes

As of this writing, six planes are on the show’s flight schedule. This will likely increase in the coming weeks as final aircraft lineups may be released relatively close to the show date. So far, it appears organizers have only listed the plane’s flight days, and while the times are listed, it’s unclear if they’re final.

Embraer brings the Tech Shark with it. Photo: Embraer

The one plane that stands out from the crowd is Embraer’s Tech Shark. The livery for this aircraft debuted at this year’s Singapore Airshow and is an Embraer E190-E2 painted as a shark. It will be accompanied by the E195-E2 Tech Lion, although this aircraft will not fly. According to the organizers of the show, the E190-E2 should fly from Monday to Wednesday.

Plane Livery Flying?
C-390 Millennium N / A Monday
E190-E2 tech shark Monday Wednesday
E195-E2 tech lion Nope
Super Tucano N / A Monday Tuesday

Embraer will also bring its C-390 Millennium military aircraft. With a top speed of 989 km/h, this plane is not ready to fly until Monday. Embraer has one last trick up its sleeve, however. The Super Tucano is a Brazilian turboprop light attack aircraft. This aircraft is also scheduled to fly on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Planes don’t stop at Farnborough

There will be plenty of flying visitors over the five days of the air show who won’t stop for a landing. These planes will instead fly to a nearby airport, perform a flight demonstration, and then depart. Aircraft not stopping at the lounge include,

Plane Days
F35 Monday (USAF), Tuesday (RAF), Wednesday (RAF)
RAF P-8s Monday Wednesday
Raf Typhoon Monday Thursday
Red Arrows (flyover) Monday Friday
Black Eagles presentation team Monday Friday
fire eater Tuesday Friday
Boeing Stearman (Aerosurbility Wingwalkers) Friday
Army Historic Airplane Flight Friday
RAF Falcons Parachute Team Friday
Red Devils Parachute Team Friday
The blades Friday
Black cat solo display Friday

The Red Arrows will perform a flypast to open and close the show. Photo: Tom Boon – Single Flight

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Turkish Aerospace Industries has a strong presence

Turkish Aerospace Industries plans to bring a strong lineup of planes to the Farnborough Airshow this year, although most of them won’t be flying during the show. The company is bringing nine military flying machines to the show, although some are still in the works.

Plane Type Flying?
Aksungur UAVs Nope
Anka UAVs Nope
Gokbey Helicopter Nope
Hurjet Fighter jet Nope
Hurkus Training aircraft Monday Friday
Simsek UAVs Nope
T129 ATAK helicopter Monday Friday
T292 Helicopter Nope
turkish fighter Fighter jet Nope

More planes coming?

The list does not end there. The final aircraft due to fly during the show (at the time of writing) is the RAF-flown Grob Tutor T1. This two-seater propeller plane was first flown in 1985 and is used by the Royal Air Force for basic training. The small plane is scheduled to fly Wednesday and Thursday when not on static display. Describing the aircraft display, RAF comments,

“The Tutor display will often start with a pitch dive in order to build up the speed needed to perform its opening maneuvers. It may not be the biggest, noisiest or fastest aircraft in the world. circuit, but it gives the driver the opportunity to show his skill and finesse.”

ATR will bring the ATR 72-600, pictured here in Silver Airways livery to the 2019 Paris Air Show. Photo: Tom Boon – Single Flight

Eight other planes of varying sizes are also due to appear in two weeks but will not fly during the show,

Plane Maker
ATR 72-600 RTA
south african bulldog Airplane Beagle
King Air 260 beech
quote longitude Cessna
DHC-6-400 Twin Otter De Havilland Canada
Saab SF340 (Cranfield University Flight Lab) Saab
Black Hawk S-70M Sikorsky aircraft
king of the seas Westland

As mentioned, the list is correct at the time of writing. Aircraft may be added to the lineup in the coming weeks, but aircraft may also be removed from the roster if they cannot attend.

Which of the listed aircraft are you most looking forward to seeing at the show? Tell us what you think and why in the comments!

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