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Train travel is considered very economical and comfortable. But air travel has its own fun. It is a great experience to walk through the clouds several meters high. For this reason, many people dream of having to travel by plane once in their life. However, flight fares are so expensive that not everyone can afford it. However, flight prices fluctuate depending on customer demand and supply. Recently, a big change has been brought to air travellers. The government has removed upper and lower limits imposed on domestic air fares. If you are planning to fly for a vacation in the mountains in the next few days, then definitely take this information. So let us tell you about some of these hill stations, where you can fly to.

What was this limit?

The Ministry of Civil Aviation imposed lower and upper limits on domestic airfares when services resumed on May 25, 2020 after two months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, airlines were instructed not to charge a passenger less than Rs 2,900 and no more than Rs 8,800 for domestic flights under 40 minutes.

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Why was the limit imposed?

Fares have been kept at the lower end of the band to help airlines struggling financially due to travel restrictions. The upper limit was imposed so that passengers are not charged more if demand for seats is high. This will benefit passengers who, with the cap removed after a 27-month period, will be able to get cheap tickets when booking last-minute bookings. The chances of the fare being lower during the shorter travel period also increase.

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You can visit these hill stations

Dharamsala – Dharamsala

Dharamshala is one of the most beautiful hill stations located in the Himalayas. Dharamshala is a beautiful hill station located on the slopes of the Kangra Valley. Kangra Airport is only 12 km from Dharamsala. Because here you can take a direct flight from Delhi. Let there be a lot to see in Dharamsala. For example, here you can visit Tsugalgkhang Complex, Dalai Lama Temple, Namgyal Monastery, Tibet Museum, Kangra Valley and Dal Lake.



Shimla, the summer capital of British India, is a very beautiful hill station. Shimla Airport is 22 km from the city. You can fly direct from Delhi. Here every tourist has a chance to enjoy the beauty of winter snowfall. Kalka-Shimla Railway, Jakhu Temple, The Ridge Road, Mall Road and Rashtrapati Niwas are the center of tourist attraction in Shimla.

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Shillong – Shillong


Shillong is also a place you can fly to. There is Umroi Airport, 20 km from the city. Thanks to good connectivity with many major cities in the country, you can take direct flights. You may not know it, but Shillong is called the Scotland of the East. It is one of the finest hill stations in India. Shillong is famous for its beauty, waterfalls, historical buildings, good weather and hand-woven shawls. Places to visit here are Umiam Lake, Ward Lake, Shillong Viewpoint, Latcore Peak and Don Bosco Museum.

Gulmarg – Gulmarg


Srinagar Airport is close to Gulmarg. Its distance from Gulmarg is 56 km. Tourists can take direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar and Bangalore. Let us tell you that Gulmarg is a symbol of natural splendour. That is why it is called heaven on earth. Gulmarg Gondola, Khilanmarg, Ningle Nala, Apharavat Peak and Alpther Lake are worth visiting here. Your visit to Gulmarg is incomplete without seeing them.

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