Explained: All about the in-flight turbulence faced by Mamata Banerjee planes

West Bengal government last week ordered a probe after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s chartered flight experienced in-flight turbulence.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) said Banerjee’s plane encountered turbulence when it hit a deep air pocket. However, the state government and Trinamool Congress dismissed the report, saying there had been a blunder and the pilot’s action averted a crash.

What happened on March 4

On March 4, Banerjee was returning to Kolkata from Lucknow after an election campaign. She boarded a chartered flight but encountered turbulence just before landing at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. The chief minister hurt his back during the turmoil and doctors advised him to rest.

However, Kolkata International Airport authority sources informed that no one was injured in the incident and the pilot managed to land safely.

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On Saturday, West Bengal Home Minister BP Gopalika demanded a response from the DGCA on the cause of the turmoil. According to sources, the state government has ordered an investigation, led by aviation expert and adviser to the state government on aviation, Captain Siddharth.

Meanwhile, TMC’s spokesperson ‘Jago Bangla’ in an op-ed expressed concern over the incident and asked why the Chief Minister faced such incidents repeatedly while traveling in China. plane.

In a press conference, Banerjee said: “The plane escaped the collision thanks to the pilot’s efficiency. The plane descended 8,000 feet when another plane suddenly came in front of my plane. No report received from ATC and DGCA so far. »

Previous Incidents

This is not the first time that Banerjee has encountered problems while traveling by plane.

In November 2016, while returning from Patna, Mamata’s plane flew over the skies of Kolkata for more than half an hour before landing, despite the plane running out of fuel.

Next year, in August, an Air India flight in which the chief minister was due to return to Kolkata from Delhi was delayed by almost four hours.

In February 2018, while returning to Kolkata, Banerjee’s flight from Bagdogra hovered for around 30 minutes as no runways were clear.

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