Djibouti: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – Air Transport Services, Air Bridges from Djibouti to Sana’a (July 2017) – Yemen


Since March 2015, commercial air carriers have suspended scheduled flight operations to Yemen. This has severely limited opportunities for humanitarian organizations to airlift goods into Yemen.

To fill this gap, WFP, as the logistics cluster lead agency, has established a regular airlift service to increase cargo imports into Yemen and ensure timely and efficient delivery of relief goods from ’emergency.

The following information and procedures should be used for all requests for air transportation.

1- Transport of light goods on board the UNHAS passenger plane Transport of light goods is a service provided and coordinated by UNHAS from Djibouti to Aden and Sana’a on regular passenger flights for the airlift of maximum 500 kg/ 3.5 m3. The service is not available on UNHAS flights departing from Amman.

Requests for this service should be made directly to UNHAS by contacting [email protected]

Forms are available at:

2- Combined Logistics Cluster Chartered Air Bridges

For humanitarian cargo requiring airlift, requests are met by combined charter airlift service from Djibouti to Sana’a facilitated by the Logistics Cluster based on funding and pipeline status.

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