Czech Air Force will receive 4 new L-39NG advanced training aircraft

The Czech public aviation company LOM PRAHA has tapped manufacturer AERO Vodochy to deliver four new L-39NG advanced military trainer aircraft to the country’s Air Force.

The contract, which includes an option for four more jets, also covers the delivery of special and high-altitude equipment, life support equipment, flight planning and analysis systems and a flight training system. floor.

The aeronautical company will also provide training for pilots and ground personnel of the Czech Air Force.

“The reason for the acquisition of the L-39NG is to ensure the continuity of the training of pilots of the tactical air force on subsonic machines in the training center of the state enterprise”, said declared the director of LOM PRAHA. Jiří Protiva said.

“The existing L-39C Albatros, operated by the LOM PRAHA air training center for eighteen years, are reaching the end of their technical life. The acquisition of new aircraft is also an expression of support and cooperation within the Czech defense industry.

AERO Vodochy is expected to deliver the first trainer aircraft within 28 months of contract implementation.

‘New Generation Jet Trainer’

The 11.70 meters (38.39 ft) advanced military trainer aircraft is designed to enhance basic and advanced combat training for pilots.

The next-generation trainer is equipped with an economical FJ44-4M engine that enables a flight range of 1,150 nautical miles (2,130 kilometers/1,324 miles).

The L-39NG is also equipped with a state-of-the-art flight control system with improved maneuvers and a digital fuel management system that increases the aircraft’s lifespan to 15,000 flight hours.

Although primarily intended to serve the Czech Air Force, the four aircraft will also be used to train pilots from other countries under the NATO Flight Training Europe programme.

“The design of the L-39NG reflects the valuable contributions of our customers and is consistent with the current and future needs of air forces around the world. It can also perform a variety of other missions including light combat, close air support, counter-insurgency and reconnaissance,” the aircraft manufacturer said.

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