Clacton Airshow 2022 flight times, planes and parking

A series of different planes are set to soar over Clacton when the resort’s popular air show returns next week.

Clacton Airshow will take place Thursday and Friday.

Dozens of planes will fill the skies with thousands of people expected over the two days.

This week it was announced that the Autogyro and North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco would complete the lineup.

The Bronco is a light attack and observation turboprop aircraft, developed in the 1960s for counter-insurgency combat with the primary mission of forward air control. Designed for the Vietnam War, it saw deployment in the Cold War and the first Gulf War, while a variant was also used as a target tug.

Autogyros, predecessors to helicopters, were developed with the aim of inventing an aircraft that couldn’t stall and is incredibly agile and stable – capable of speeds as low as 20 mph and handling winds of up to 40 knots. .

Meanwhile, floor entertainment will be provided by the Grand Théâtre des Lemmings, including hula-hoop star Harley Fox, stilt walkers and comedians, as well as the interactive Art Box workshop.

Alex Porter, tourism boss for Tendring Council, which runs the Clacton Airshow, said this year had a stellar lineup.

He said: “These latest two flights complete a bumper lineup at the 2022 Clacton Airshow, which brings everything from the nimble and stable gyroplane, to fast jets like the MiG, and Red Arrows aerobatic displays. of the RAF – not to mention the brilliance of twilight flights.

“All of this, along with the things to do on the ground around the event site, makes this year’s airshow one not to be missed.”

Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

What can I expect to see?

On the first day, flights begin at 12:55 p.m. The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is from 3pm and the Red Arrows around 4.30pm.

On the second day, flights begin at 1 p.m. The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is from 3pm and The Blades around 4.30pm.

The two-day aircraft includes the P-51 Mustang, Tigers Parachute Team, Bronco, Vampire, Supermarine Spitfire and Otto Helicopter.

How to get there and where to park

Visitors to the airshow are encouraged to plan their travel in advance and arrive well in advance.

The official car park for the event, operated by the Rotary Club of Clacton-on-Sea, is on West Road.

Entry is £8 and can be paid in cash or by card.

There is also a shuttle service for people with reduced mobility between the car park and the event site.

The number of parking spaces available in Clacton’s waterfront car parks is limited.

People traveling to the event by car can also use Hedingham Buses’ Park and Ride service, with services running every 15 minutes from Clacton Shopping Village.

Tickets cost £4.30 (child £3, 16-19 £3.50, group £6.40).

Visitors are also encouraged to come by train, with Clacton-on-Sea station a 10-minute walk from the main event site.

Tips for staying safe at the event

Mr Porter added: ‘We would like to remind everyone to stay safe when visiting.

Crowds at a previous Clacton airshow

“Unfortunately, big events like this are a target for pickpockets and other criminals, so if you see anything suspicious, please report it.

“If you decide to enjoy the sea during your visit, remember to respect the water; stay clear of piers and breakwaters, avoid rocks, be aware of potential tides and currents, and stay in your depth.

“In addition to our usual Tendring Beach Patrol first aid services on the beachfront, we also have St. John Ambulance in the event area; and if you have kids, you can also get a Beach Patrol wristband to help reunite you if you get separated.

“It would also be great to buy a program – which not only contains lots of useful information and interesting flight details, but also acts as a great keepsake and helps support next year’s airshow.”

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