China has bolstered Pak’s air defense capabilities with the J-10 fighter jet

China has provided the latest versions of its J-10 multirole tactical fighter jet to Pakistan in a bid to improve the country’s air defense capabilities.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) held a ceremony last week to commemorate the addition of Chinese-made jets to its inventory. The deal, analysts say, will significantly boost Islamabad’s air defense and maritime security capabilities, as reported by Asia Times.

Pakistan, which received arms support from the United States for most of the Cold War, began asking China for help as Washington began to impose more limits. The sale of the fighter jets strategically brings China and Pakistan closer together, signaling a shift from Islamabad’s previous reliance on the United States.

As Pakistan’s access to US weapons becomes more restricted, China has stepped in to fill the void by demonstrating weapons to bolster Islamabad’s conventional and nuclear arsenals.

While China has always supplied Pakistan’s armed forces, the link has grown stronger in recent years, with Pakistan purchasing significant quantities of high-end Chinese export equipment. Pakistan is also in talks to purchase the Chinese HQ-9 system, which is a Chinese version of the Russian S-300 long-range SAM.

China has reportedly supplied Pakistan with missile components, warhead designs and even highly enriched uranium as part of its nuclear weapons program.

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