Cheap JetBlue Airways flights before and after Thanksgiving

Got vacation days to burn?

JetBlue Airways just launched a three-day fare sale with one-way fares starting at $ 31 for travel before and after Thanksgiving.

The New York-based carrier said fares of $ 31 would be offered on 31 routes.

They include flights between New York and Florida and Nashville; Los Angeles and Las Vegas; and from Boston to Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Miami and San Antonio.

Tickets must be purchased before Friday and are only available through JetBlue’s website or reservation center. The latter includes a reservation fee of $ 25.

Travelers who purchase tickets should also check the prices of other airlines, as airlines tend to compare themselves on competing routes.

Sale of $ 31 “monster” tickets from JetBlue Airways: the fine print

  • Travel dates are November 1 to December 16, excluding Thanksgiving trips.
  • The blackout dates are November 20-29.
  • Friday and Sunday trips are excluded, excluding traditional weekend getaways.
  • Tickets at $ 31 will be economy basic (JetBlue calls it Blue Basic) or regular economy depending on the route. Basic Economy Tickets have more restrictions, so check conditions before booking.

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