Cheap flights to Dublin, Ireland for $400 return

The whole of Ireland is a dreamscape filled with history, culture and stunning scenery. Recently, officials in the country announced that visitors would no longer be required to take a COVID test before entry, although a vaccine requirement is still in place. And, with updated entry requirements, flights to Ireland have become much more affordable.

The dot guy reports that United Airlines, along with partners Air Canada and Swiss airlineswill offer flights from $382 return to Dublin between March and May and October and December.

Travelers departing from Newark can find flights starting at $382. You can fly direct round-trip from Washington, DC for $392. Based on the west coast? Travelers can fly from Los Angeles to Dublin for $394 round-trip, although there are stopovers in Chicago on the way out and Zurich on the way back. Are you in the Midwest? Travelers can fly from Chicago directly to Dublin for $394 round-trip, although the return flight has a stopover in Zurich.

To take advantage of these great deals, you can book flights directly through airline websites or Google Flights. To find them, be sure to keep some flexibility open on your travel dates as prices are subject to change depending on your itinerary and travel date.

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