Cheap flights: Ryanair flights to popular holiday destinations from just £12.99 in April and May, including Portugal, Spain and Greece

Traveling abroad can be a considerable expense. Whether it’s the cost of flights, accommodation or spending money, it all can quickly add up.

Fortunately, Ryanair offers a number of discounted flights in April and May. The low-cost airline’s flights take into account some popular holiday hotspots in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Croatia.

It is important to note that all the flights below are one-way. However, it should help save some extra cash in your pocket, which is always welcome.

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The flights below were all correct at the time of writing. However, they are subject to change, so please check before travelling.

It is also worth noting the various entry restrictions that the country you are traveling to may have in place. This could include needing to have been vaccinated against Covid-19, or requiring you to show negative PCR tests or passenger locator forms.

  • Faro, Portugal: £9.74 on April 20.
  • Almeria, Spain: £9.99 on April 26.
  • Malaga, Spain: £9.99 on April 24.
  • Menorca, Spain: £9.99 on April 27.
  • Pula, Croatia: £9.99 on April 24.
  • Rijeka, Croatia: £9.99 on May 22.
  • Zadar, Croatia: £9.99 on May 11.
  • Castellon (Valencia): £12.99 on May 26.
  • Fes, Morocco: £12.99 on May 11.
  • Ibiza, Spain: £12.99 on April 19.
  • Kalamata, Greece: £12.99 on April 30.
  • Lamezia, Italy: £12.99 on May 7.
  • Murcia International, Spain: £12.99 on May 11.
  • Palma de Mallorca, Spain: £12.99 on May 2.
  • Preveza – Akiton, Greece: £12.99 on May 8.
  • Rabat, Morocco: £12.99 on May 12.
  • Salzburg, Austria: £12.99 on May 18.

For more details on these flights, see the Ryanair website by clicking here.

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