Anti-aircraft artillery mounts, captured as spoils of war during the Second Karabakh War, used in exercises of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces (PHOTO / VIDEO) (UPDATE)

BAKOU, Azerbaijan, January 8


Anti-aircraft artillery mounts, captured as war trophies from Armenian military formations during the 44 days of the second Karabakh war, were used during exercises by the Azerbaijani armed forces, Trend reports with reference to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry .

As the ministry notes, during the 44-day war, Armenian military formations, unable to resist the Azerbaijani army, fled, leaving military equipment and ammunition on the battlefield.

Among the many trophies of the Azerbaijani army were 20 mm anti-aircraft artillery installations “Zastava”, which, after repair, were used by the Azerbaijani army. During the special tactical exercises held in the air defense units of the separate combined arms army, the Azerbaijani military demonstrated high professionalism and military skills.

During special tactical exercises, where the skills of repelling air strikes were practiced, anti-aircraft, radio-technical and anti-aircraft artillery missile units were raised at the alarm signal. According to the plan of the exercises, the shock units of the army were to fight against the drones and planes of the imaginary enemy. To ensure the air defense of the strike units, the air defense units of the anti-air, radio-technical and land forces have the task of preventing the attack of the conditional enemy operating at different heights.

With the use of 20mm anti-aircraft artillery installations “Zastava”, installed on tracked combat vehicles MT-LB, taken as military trophies during the 44-day Patriotic War and adopted after repairs, weapons of air attack and ground targets of the imaginary enemy were destroyed.

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