Alaska Airlines Sale: Get cheap flights across the US, including Hawaii

If you’re brave enough to travel right now, amid almost weekly cancellations and massive delays, Alaska Airlines’ latest sale is like a reward. The carrier currently offers cheap flights across the countryincluding routes to Hawaii.

Selling is a bit different depending on where you plan to fly. While some destinations require a reservation by July 13 to secure the rate, others are open until July 25. The sale is also divided into two pricing options: Saver and Main. The latter offers more flexibility at a slightly higher price.

Here are the Saver fares included in the sale:

  • Boise, Idaho to Idaho Falls, Idaho from $59
  • Portland, Oregon to Medford, Massachusetts from $59
  • Boise, Idaho to Burbank, CA from $69
  • Seattle, Washington to Redding, CA from $69
  • San Francisco, CA to Everett/Paine Field, Washington, from $69
  • San Diego, CA to Spokane, Washington from $79
  • Austin, Texas to San Diego, CA from $89
  • San Jose, CA to Kona, Hawaii from $119
  • Seattle, Washington to Kauai, Hawaii, from $149
  • Seattle, Washington to Kona, Hawaii from $149
  • Seattle, Washington to Maui, Hawaii, from $149

You can browse the site for booking conditions. Please note, if you opt for a reduced rate, you will only have 24 hours to cancel the reservation.

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