Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) places its first order with Boeing to convert four 767-300s to cargo planes

Air Transport Services Group, Inc., the world’s largest lessor of 767-300 converted freighters, has contracted with Boeing to convert four aircraft to 767-300 Boeing Converted Freighters (BCF).

Our continued confidence in the 767-300 platform, now coupled with OEM service and support, reinforces our commitment to providing the best and reliable services to our customers.“said Mike Berger, Commercial Director of ATSG.”We are proud to partner with Boeing as we expand our fleet to meet growing demand and look forward to future growth together.

The 767-300BCF now has over 100 orders and commitments from customers around the world, providing converted widebody cargo capacity to meet growing market demand and building on a record year for customer orders in the family of Boeing freighters.

We are honored that ATSG has decided to make the 767-300BCF an integral part of its fleet expansion strategy, helping customers looking to capitalize on the high demand for e-commerce.“said Jens Steinhagen, director of Boeing Converted Freighters.”As an OEM, Boeing has the original design data, robust supply chains and reliable delivery schedules that benefit BCF customers such as ATSG. With this OEM advantage, we are ready to meet the needs of ATSG by offering market-leading 767-300BCFs in its fleet.

ATSG is a world leader in freight leasing, operating a fleet of 106 Boeing aircraft, including more than ninety 767 converted freighters.

Boeing has over 40 years of successful experience in passenger-to-cargo conversions, leveraging original design data and a deep understanding of the needs of the air cargo industry to deliver a superior integrated product, including fully integrated manuals and technical support. Boeing Converted Freighters also have the advantage of being associated with the broadest portfolio of services, support and solutions in the industry.

SEATTLE, November 3, 2021

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