Air India planes on the ground take off again; carrier announces 24 new domestic flights

Air India planes on the ground take off again; carrier announces 24 new domestic flights

New Delhi: Air India has taken on a new lease of life since it was acquired by Tatas in January this year. The cash-strapped airline before its acquisition is now seeing more of its ground planes take off into the sky. With a fleet of 70 narrow-body jets, of which 54 are currently serviceable, Air India said the remaining 16 jets will gradually return to service by early 2023.
As the Tatas continue to make the necessary investments in the carrier, Air India is set to place a mega order for new wide-body Airbus A350 and single-aisle jets. AI’s widebody fleet currently numbers 43 aircraft, of which 33 are operational.

While Air India’s big network expansion will take place as it acquires new planes, it is currently increasing the utilization of the existing fleet by putting grounded planes back into the skies. The airline said last Sunday that it was “a significant improvement over the 28 aircraft the airline operated until recently”.

“The Boeing manufacturer has worked closely with Air India following its acquisition by Tata Group to restore aircraft that had been grounded for long periods due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other reasons. The gradual restoration of these aircraft has already enabled AI to increase schedule resilience and will enable further frequency and network increases over the coming months,” AI added.

Campbell Wilson, CEO of the Tata-owned airline, also said on Thursday: “Over the past six months (since Tatas took over the airline), Air India has worked closely with our partners to bring the planes back into service. service, and we are delighted that this effort is now bearing fruit.

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New domestic flights

Meanwhile, Air India has announced 24 new domestic flights thanks to the availability of more single lanes. This decision aims to increase the frequency between the main metros.

The 24 additional flights include two new frequencies from Delhi to Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and from Mumbai to Chennai and Hyderabad. It also includes a new frequency on the Mumbai – Bangalore route and on the Ahmedabad – Pune route.

“These additions will provide travelers with more travel options between major metros in the late afternoon and evening and will increase Air India’s daily frequencies to ten flights each way between Delhi – Mumbai, seven flights each direction between Delhi – Bangalore, four flights each way between Mumbai – Bengaluru and Mumbai – Chennai and three flights each way on the Mumbai – Hyderabad and Delhi – Ahmedabad routes,” the airline’s spokesperson said.

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