Air Charter Safety Foundation Launches Flight Data Monitoring Program for Small Aircraft Operators

The Air Charter Safety Foundation’s flight data monitoring solution includes third-party management as well as flight data collection hardware and connectivity from AirSync, and flight data analysis software from CloudAhoy.

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) has partnered with AirSync and CloudAhoy to offer a low-cost flight data monitoring program for operators of small aircraft

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, Oct. 17, 2022 / — According to the National Transportation Safety Board’s “Most Wanted List,” it is recommended that aircraft flight data be captured and analyzed at using a flight data monitoring system. (FDM). That’s why the Air Charter Safety Foundation (, a non-profit aviation safety organization whose mission is to improve the safety of charter and private flights, is launching an all-new air traffic data monitoring program. flight for its member airlines.

In fact, implementing an FDM program is the “logical next step” for aircraft operators who also use a safety management system (SMS) and are active members of the safety action program. aviation safety (ASAP), noted Bryan Burns, president of Air Charter. Security Foundation.

In the process, ACSF will serve as a third-party FDM advisor and educational resource for its members, in a capacity similar to how it facilitates each member’s aviation safety agenda.

“If something goes wrong, post-flight feedback based on FDM data tells you what the aircraft did during a flight, while a post-flight ASAP report will explain why it happened,” Burns said. “The two programs go hand in hand.


To deliver a turnkey FDM solution, ACSF partners with aviation technology innovators, AirSync and CloudAhoy. AirSync will provide members with FDM access with flight data collection hardware and connectivity, while CloudAhoy will provide its P-FOQA software for flight data analysis.

“For a long time, FDM programs have been available primarily to operators of medium to large cabin aircraft,” explained Frank Raymond, ACSF’s Director of Safety. “This limitation leaves piston, turboprop and light jet operators (which may not have built-in technology), without a cost-effective solution. By partnering with CloudAhoy and AirSync, we will deliver the benefits of FDM at a much lower cost.

As part of this FDM effort, ACSF has launched a beta test with three ACSF member companies. Accordingly, CAM will support its members in launching their own FDM. For example, the ACSF team is able to:

— Assist flight services in determining the scope of FDM program required.

— Help members find FDM hardware and software solutions available with AirSync and CloudAhoy (or other partners as needed).

— Educate member staff regarding the non-punitive nature of an FDM program.

— Analyze routine flight data captured from aircraft systems to improve safety performance and also analyze all anonymized member data.

— Provide an FDM program manual and an FDM section for its flight/general operations manual.

— Discuss quarterly reports highlighting member’s FDM performance compared to aggregated ACSF data information.

— Assist in resolving systemic issues identified by FDM.

— Share trends to help improve security events and incidents.

CloudAhoy Founder and CEO, Chuck Shavit, had this to say about the opportunity to work with ACSF and its members: “By providing ACSF members with CloudAhoy’s P-FOQA, pilots will receive feedback immediately after each flight, highlighting safety and proficiency topics. P-FOQA will also allow ACSF security personnel to aggregate anonymized data from multiple operators, identify trends and improve safety flights at all levels.

“AirSync is thrilled to partner with ACSF to provide practical and cost-effective FDM capabilities to small aviation organizations,” said Jason Harris, Director of AirSync. “In particular, Part 135 operators will be able to significantly improve their safety by increasing efficiency and automating flight operations, maintenance and training.”

To join the ACSF, go to and to learn more about flight data monitoring for ACSF members, go to

All third party products and services available to CAM members are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party vendors, and such vendors are solely responsible for their delivery of the product or service.

About CAM
The Air Charter Safety Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with nearly 300 corporate members. Its mission is to lead and support the advancement of the highest security standards available; enable the business, charter and fractional ownership industry to offer the safest air travel products in the world; and to provide the public with objective information about these standards and services. In line with its mission, ACSF has developed the Industry Audit Standard for Part 135 and 91K Operators, which serves as a detailed gap analysis of an operator’s management practices. The ACSF also administers the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) in partnership with the FAA. ASAP, which has more than 220 participating aviation organizations, uses feedback from member employees to identify significant safety issues and concerns, operational deficiencies, non-compliance with regulations, deviations from company policies and procedures. business and unusual events. The ACSF hosts an annual Air Charter Safety Symposium, with information available at

About AirSync
AirSync Inc, based in Maryland, has spent the past four years developing a suite of cost-effective aircraft data collection, connectivity and web services solutions. AirSync currently provides several hardware systems for use in different types of aircraft. The AirSync bridge connects wirelessly to aircraft cockpits; the AirSync429 connects directly to aircraft data buses; and AirSync Analog works in legacy aircraft with analog gauges. The AirSync web platform and smartphone app allows users to collect flight data and reports including: flight information and times, fuel levels, engine and maintenance reports, overages , FOQA, within minutes of landing. The web-based platform also automatically connects users to partner services such as monitoring programs, tax accounting, engine analysis, driver performance, and more. You can learn more about AirSync at

About CloudAhoy
CloudAhoy’s mission is to increase aviation safety and improve pilot skills through data-driven flight analytics. CloudAhoy’s debriefing product is used by thousands of pilots, students and instructors, and the military. In 2022, CloudAhoy launched its flight operations quality assurance product “P-FOQA”. P-FOQA (“P” stands for Pilot) is pilot-centric and targets general aviation as well as flight training. CloudAhoy is a leader in post-flight analysis and debriefing, and regularly appears in lists of the best apps for pilots. For more information, visit

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