Air Canada orders 15 more A220s for a total of 60 aircraft

“The A220 has become an important part of the modernization of from Air Canada fleet and a key part of our narrowbody fleet, thanks to its performance and passenger comfort. Our customers really appreciate the benefits of the A220, its quieter cabin, larger overhead compartments and comfortable seats. The A220 is the perfect aircraft for our North American network thanks to its economy, and its fuel efficiency also supports from Air Canada commitment to reduce emissions on its way to its goal of net zero emissions from all global operations by 2050,” said Marc GalardoSenior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada.

“We are honored that Air Canada coming back for more A220s. This demonstrates the value the aircraft brings and we are proud to offer our customers a high level of flexibility, great economy and true passenger appeal,” said christian scherer, Commercial Director and International Director of Airbus. “With more than 30 aircraft already in service with the airline, the A220 has established itself as an efficient route opener, as well as a primary workhorse, strengthening the carriers’ continental network while ensuring from Air Canada ambitious decarbonization targets. We thank Air Canada for their continued confidence in Airbus.”

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