Aeroméxico hires a fired pilot for filming an incident between two Volaris planes

Aeroméxico has hired pilot Libertad Salomón, who was fired from Volaris after filming an incident involving two Volaris aircraft at Mexico City International Airport on May 7. She is currently training to become a co-pilot on a Boeing 737.

The video went viral just days after IFALPA, the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations, issued a safety bulletin warning of an increase in incidents in Mexico City airspace following of the 2021 redesign of the Santa Lucía Air Base. a commercial airport.

Salomón recorded the moment from the cockpit of a Volaris aircraft which was on standby and about to take off for Los Angeles, USA.

Thanks to a video published by the Mexican Association of Airline Pilots Unions (Association Sindical de Pilotos Aviadores de México – ASPA), which brings together pilots from Aeroméxico and Aeromar, she explained that she noticed that an Airbus A320neo from the same airline was cleared to land on runway 05L while an Airbus A320, also from Volaris, was waiting clearance to take off at the head of the same runway.

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The aircraft in the air, registration XA-VRV, had come from Mazatlán and was performing flight Y4 799. The aircraft was to perform a go-around and begin a new approach to the airport. He landed without further development a few minutes later.

“I decided to film with the permission of the captain because it was incredible for me to see a plane take off,” says the pilot. “Clearly I knew it wasn’t going to land, since the other plane was on the runway, and I wanted to have a picture of the plane flying away in front of us,” she added.

Following the release of the video, Salomón received an initial two-week suspension. Later, however, the company terminated his employment contract after investigating and concluding that the sterile flight deck rule was not being followed. The act of taking the video, they said, meant “not just performing the tasks” of that phase of the operation.

According to the union, Aeroméxico’s hiring is important because “all Mexican pilots need support” and she risked losing her flight license.

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