A traveler shares a little-known tip for booking cheap flights on Google

A TikToker and travel enthusiast has shared his little-known trick to ensure he always scores the cheapest flight on line.

British man Jordan, who publishes under @itsjordannposted a video of himself looking for plane tickets from his hometown of Leeds to sights across Europe.

He titled the video “How to Travel Cheap Around the World” and showed his followers how to buy cheap flights on Google Flights.

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The Google Flights hack shows travelers the cheapest flights to any destination. (ICT Tac)

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“I kind of found a little hack,” he said. the staple. “So if you go to Google Travel and Google Flights, put in your nearest airport, no matter where you’re going or your dates, just hit search.”

After clicking ‘search’, Jordan’s computer screen revealed a map of the UK and Europe with flights to almost every major capital city.

“It brings up this map and it shows you everywhere,” he marveled, pointing out that there was a flight to Dublin for just £26 (A$45).

He also found a flight to Paris for just £122 (AU$215) and clicked on the flight.

“If you click there and click on the top flight, then that will bring up the cheapest flight and date,” he continued.

Easy hack for cheap flights
It shares a map with the best deals from around the world. (Provided)

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The list of flights from Leeds to Paris showed a return ticket with Ryanair from June 4 to June 7 for just £20.

It saved Jordan a fortune on expensive flights for a three-day getaway to the City of Love.

“Crazy, it’s cheaper here to fly from England to Paris than to London [from Leeds]“, he wrote in the comments section.

The only problem is that travelers booking this particular flight will likely have to pay an additional fee for checked baggage.

Jordan’s video, which has garnered over 1.8 million views on ICT Tacreceived a mixed reception from subscribers.

Google Flights Hack
Jordan found a £20 flight to Paris from Leeds. (ICT Tac)

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Some were impressed by the hack and vowed to book their next flight using Google Flights.

“The map search feature is amazing,” one person wrote. “I don’t know anything about air travel, but how can you even fly to the next runway (in the same airport) for $20 lol?” another asked.

Meanwhile, some commenters poked fun at Jordan and said the Google Flights feature has been around for years, while others said there was definitely a catch.

“All apps do this, have you ever traveled before?” we asked. “Ryanair will charge you extra even for breathing,” wrote another.

One added: “Well it’s Ryanair so you’ll be lucky to get to Paris first. Not to mention returning.”

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