3 cheap flights from Toronto that will cost you less than your weekly grocery run

Are you looking for an escape or just a new place to work from home? Then listen up because there are a few flights from Toronto that are literally so cheap it seems unreal.

How much did you spend on groceries this week? $100? Well, these three flights from Toronto cost less than $49 one way. Yes, you read that right. So pack your bags because it’s time to go on an adventure.

Flair Airlines, a Canadian low-cost airline, is making travel to Canada cheaper for those who want to explore it, and it couldn’t have come at a better time, mainly because winter is coming.

Where do you hope to go? Calgary, Halifax or Montreal? Well, nothing is impossible. Check out these three cheap flights from Toronto that can allow you to explore a bunch of great Canadian cities.

Toronto to Montreal

Price: $49 one way

When: from November 2, 2022

Why you need to go: Do ​​you constantly check Via Rail to try to find the cheapest deal for your next trip to Montreal? I’ll save you some time. This Flair Airline deal is cheaper and shorter on November 2, and that’s a fact. A one-way ticket on the train starts at $51 compared to the airlines’ $49 offer, and the flight lasts just one hour and 20 minutes. It looks like a win-win.

Toronto to Calgary

Price: $49 one way

When: from December 2, 2022

Why You Need To Go: Arriving in Calgary opens up a world full of adventure. Do you like the outdoors? Landing in this city allows you to see the most beautiful natural color palettes and breathe in all the fresh air. Calgary, known for being surrounded by Albertan nature, may be your go-to spot this fall, especially when flights from Toronto are just $49 one way.

Toronto to Halifax

Price: $49 one way

When: from October 18, 2022

Why You Need To Go: Are you desperate to leave town, like right now? Well, that offer couldn’t have come soon enough. Did you know that Halifax has one of the longest city center walks in the world? The 4 kilometer boardwalk is perfect for those who love the Toronto waterfront but want something much bigger.

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