15% discount on Iberia gift cards (to be used for cheap flights)

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Sure, 15% off a coffee is great, but it’s when you’re making larger purchases that a discount really shows its power. Depending on the country, 15% off a coffee can save you $1.50, but 15% off a flight can save you hundreds.

With Iberia’s latest promotion, the size of the discount is in your hands. For a limited time, the bigger the gift card you buy, the bigger the savings, thanks to a 15% discount.

It’s a fantastic way to buy a better cabin or just save on a great trip, buying something worth more, for less! Iberia is one of the best airlines for flight sales, so it’s a great deal to go ‘all in’ with.

Iberia: 15% discount on gift cards

Thanks to this sale, which ends on February 14, 2022, you can benefit from a 15% discount on any gift card and this gift card is valid for any itinerary with at least one Iberia flight and booked with Iberia. You can purchase up to $3,000 gift card in most major currencies.

For example, if you are in the Spanish market you will pay in Euros, in the UK in British Pounds and in the US in Dollars.

On a maximum purchase of $3,000, you would pay $2,550, which is a savings of $450. The gift voucher can be applied to any ticket, including the cheapest Business Class fares, meaning you can stack those savings on a great fare to save even more.

Here are the terms and conditions of the Iberia Gift Card promotion page…

Expiration date 02/11/2023
Airlines available Valid for any direct flight or any connecting flight where at least one of the routes is operated by Iberia, Iberia Express, Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.
Last authorized travel date 02/11/2023
Number of uses No limit, usable until the balance is exhausted.

The only potential downside is really the validity period. A year isn’t an incredible amount of time to burn a gift card, but with travel and mask restrictions shrinking by the minute, it could be a great year to use it.

It’s not at all uncommon to see business class fares of €1,000 to €1,300 from Europe to the US or South America, and prices the other way are also falling. With a gift card acquired during this limited time sale, you save even more.

Should you buy an Iberia gift card?

If Europe is not in the cards, or if the return of Europe is not in the cards, probably not. Since you will need at least one flight in your Iberia-booked itinerary to be on an Iberia flight, this gift card is useless if Europe is not part of the plan.

If so, you love the Oneworld Airline Alliance and are happy to fly to, from or via a connection in Spain, this really is a bargain. I regularly use Iberia for intra-European trips and occasionally for transatlantic trips, so I will happily save €450 on future purchases.

Unlike many gift cards, there simply isn’t a lot of paperwork and the process for redeeming gift cards is seamless. Just add the code during checkout and the amount is deducted.

If you are visiting Madrid, Barcelona or one of the hundreds of other cities served by Iberia in Europe this year, take a look at this gift card offer! Here is the link for Spain, UK and United States.

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