11 practical tips for booking cheap flights

For many travelers, the plane is necessary. In fact, it’s something every traveler has to deal with at some point. However, when performed frequently, it can put a strain on a person’s wallet. But air travel doesn’t always have to be so expensive. Just like other modes of transportation, it can be done cheaply. It all starts with booking cheap flights and while there are other tips on how to book cheap flights, these are practical and easy to apply for any traveler when looking for ways to book cheap flights. cheap flights.

11 Try to avoid the busy time of year

Like it or not, there are certain seasons of the year when most people travel. There’s no sweet way to say this, but traveling during these times of the year is going to be expensive. Airline tickets and generally everything else cost more when demand is high. The first step to getting cheap flights is to avoid the busy time of year and travel during a less busy time.


ten Fly with low cost airlines

Different airlines charge their airfares differently. Of course, settling for a low-cost airline could mean missing out on some prestigious services. This is understandable and for many travelers cheaper tickets are better than prestigious services. After all, the main objective is to arrive at your destination and you will only be in the air for a limited time.

9 Book your flights early

Plane tickets are generally cheaper when looking for a flight scheduled in several months. This is mainly because the demands might be low during this period. This can be very useful for those traveling during the busiest time of year. In many cases, the price charged for a window seat three months ago may not be the same price charged for that same seat when it is high season, as many other passengers might also want it.

8 Book flights in incognito mode

The use of a browser is unavoidable when booking flights online and just as one is vulnerable to browser manipulation during other online activities, browser cookies can increase the prices of frequently searched flights. To avoid this, travelers must always go incognito or use private browsers when booking flights online.

seven Book during the week

Many travelers postpone their flights to weekends due to lack of time, but although this may be unavoidable, it can be costly as many other people will be traveling during weekends. Weekdays are usually the best times to book flights for those looking for cheap flights as demand is lower during this time.

6 Use reliable booking sites

Booking flights through airline websites is usually not the best option, which is why many now rely on booking sites to find cheap flights. Although there are dozens of sites, it is best to stick to the reliable ones such as Kayak, Skyscannerand Google Flights when booking flights. These booking sites have features that allow travelers to find the best flights to suit their budget.

5 Use flight points

Flight Points can be useful in many situations, especially for frequent fliers. Many airlines award these points to their frequent flyers as well as passengers who sign up for credit cards. These flight points can be used to get cheaper flights or sometimes free flights.

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4 Connecting flights are always cheaper

Non-stop flights are generally more expensive than connecting flights. Although connecting flights may be cheaper, they take longer as passengers will need to collect their baggage and check it in for the next flight. But many travelers can easily give more time than money. The longer the stopover, the more money can be saved. Plus, long layovers are a chance to see a new city or exercise your feet.

3 Fly to a new place

Travelers who are on a fixed budget and just want to travel somewhere can research different travel destinations and choose the destination that best suits their budget. There are so many places to visit in the world, so try a new destination.

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2 Public transport saves a lot of money

Flying direct to a destination can be more expensive and although one can cut costs by using connecting flights, public transport can even help save more money. Travelers can simply fly to a nearby airport and then take public transportation to their destination. Although they may arrive at their destination later than a flight normally would, but in the end the money saved would be worth it.

1 Redeem airline miles

Many credit card companies reward their customers with airline miles when they use credit cards often. In many cases, customers are rewarded with an airline mile when they spend as little as $10. By spending more often with the credit card, travelers could rack up thousands of dollars in airline miles that could help them get to their destination for free.

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